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The NIH x-Train module within the eRA Commons system facilitates the electronic preparation and submission of Statement of Appointment forms (PHS 2271) and Termination Notices (PHS 416-7).  

The Statement of Appointment form is utilized to track appointments for the following NIH mechanisms:

  • Training appointments for  T32, T34, T35, T90, TL1, TU2, and National Library of Medicine (NLM) T15 research training grants
  • Scholar appointments for K12, KL2, and KM1 institutional career development awards
  • Appointments for R25 and R90 research education awards

Please note: NIH fellowship mechanisms (F31, F32, F33) utilize the xTrain module only for Termination Notices (PHS 416-7). Fellows indicate to NIH the start of their fellowship by the submission of the Individual Fellowship Activation Notice (PHS 416-5).


  • All institution users involved in the xTrain process will require an eRA Commons account.  Refer to the How To: Basic Tasks Step by Step and the Animated Online Tutorial for Trainee Account Creation for further details (links located in the NIH resources section on the right column of this page). 
  • Each appointment form and termination notice involves a routing process which moves the document as it is prepared through to submission. Refer to the Quick Reference Sheets for appointments and terminations for further details (link located in the NIH Resources section on the right column of this page).
  • Remember there is a Maximum NRSA appointment (includes combination of training (T) and fellowship (F) mechanism) allowance based on level:
    1. Predoctoral level may receive up to five (5) years aggregate 
    2. Postdoctoral level may receive up to three (3) years aggregate 



Institution xTrain Users have assigned certain roles within the eRA Commons system which represent their function in the form preparation and submission process.  

Program Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) -  individual responsible for the global direction of the training program. This role in Commons is authorized to submit Appointments, Re-Appointments, and Amendments on behalf the Institution.  In addition, this role submits Termination Notices for Appointments on KL2, K12, KM1, R25 and R90 activity codes.  Fellows have the PD/PI role as well to receive individual fellowship awards and may initiate Termination Notices at the conclusion of their fellowships.

PD/PI Delegate Assistant (ASST) - the PD/PI role may delegate authority to the Assistant (ASST) role to perform functions within the xTrain module (EXCEPTION: PD/PI is the only role that can submit Appointments).

Trainee - individual who will be appointed on institutional research training grants, institutional career development awards, and research education awards.

Business Official (BO) - individual who has authority to administer training grants and is authorized to submit Termination Notices on behalf of Institution.

Duke Termination Notice Submission Process


When submitting a Termination Notice, users will need to identify the appropriate Business Official for the School of Medicine. Selection of Business Official is determined by the Owning BFR (Business Fund Responsibility) connected to the WBS Element/Fund Code for the training award.  Please review the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Workload Assignment table (first two rows) to determine if Heather Webb or Michelle Rigsbee will be the Business Official for the selected award.

NIH Notices related to xTrain


NOT-OD-11-026   Reminder: Beginning January 1, 2011, the NIH Will Require Use of xTrain for the Electronic Submission of Appointment Forms and/or Termination Notices for Institutional Research Training and Career Awards, Individual Fellowships and Research Education Awards

NOT-GM-11-104   NIGMS More SI Awardees: Required Use of xTrain Commons Module for Appointments and Terminations (R25, K12) 

NOT-MH-11-003   NIMH R25 Awardees: Required Use of xTrain Commons Module for Appointments and Terminations (R25)